Gold Rush Coffee is a family business roasting premium coffees from around the world. Owners Joe and Karen Paff, along with their son, Zanobi, began roasting coffee more than 35 years ago in a converted barn in Petrolia, California. Since the early days of delivering coffee to just a few local grocery stores we have grown to make our coffees more available throughout northern California and now nation-wide.

Gold Rush Coffee is proud to be a Humboldt County business. Among the many wonderful things about our little corner of northwestern California are the crisp Pacific air, verdant landscapes and innovative people who live here. Ours is a largely rural county that maintains a welcomed sense of separation from the more urban parts of our state.  We value these qualities and are taking steps to reduce our impact on the local environment.

Our small-batch roasting process ensures freshness, while all those years of experience enhance each blend. We think our coffees are among the best available. We look forward to serving you soon!